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After the harrowing trials of Emergence, Jed Welch finds himself alone in the ruins of New York City. Having abandoned Meg Pratt and believing her dead, Jed is left with nothing and no one but the Variant hordes to keep him company.

Or is he alone . . .

Jed will team up with USMC Staff Sergeant Alexandra Gallegos and the two surviving members of her platoon, PFC Reeve and Private Mahton.

Together, they will bring the full weight of their Marine Corps training, and mission-driven sense of vengeance, to bear upon the real monsters: human collaborators who aid the Variants at the expense of their fellow human beings.

For SSGT Gallegos, theirs is a mission borne of duty and command. For Jed, it becomes an act of penance, in hopes he may atone for leaving Meg behind.

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20% of my royalties from Penance will be donated to relevant organizations assisting veterans and their families.