The Redemption Trilogy Box Set

Available July 28th

The Redemption Trilogy follows Jed Welch, recently washed out of the Marine Corps and about to be thrown head first into an apocalypse of humanity's own making.

Jed will fight alongside the best America has to offer, saving others from a plague of monsters swarming the streets. As the fight surges on, Jed learns that he might have what it takes to save himself, and maybe even enough left over to lead others on their own missions of survival in a world that places humanity on the brink of extinction.

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Donations made possible by readers of the Redemption Trilogy
Part of my mission as a writer is to support the people and organizations whose stories inspire me to write in the first place. America's servicemembers and first responders are people I have always admired, and giving back to them is something I am happy to do.

A big thank you is due to readers of my books, who made it possible to provide the following contributions in 2019, from royalties earned on the initial release of my series. I will continue making these contributions through 2020, and for as long as the series remains in print.
 Vacaville Fire Department (10% of royalties from Book 1 Emergence)
 FDNY Foundation (10% of royalties from Book 1 Emergence)
 Iraq and Afghanistan Veterans of America (10% of royalties from Book 2 Penance)
 Michael Murphy Scholarship Foundation (10% of royalties from Book 2 Penance)
 Team Rubicon (20% of royalties from Book 3 Resurgence)

About Aaron

In October of 2011, my career in holding down office furniture came to an end with the sweep of a budgetary axe. Now I edit, write, and review fiction and non-fiction. I am much happier. The cats tolerate me being at home more often. I work with amazing, awe-inspiring, and creative people.

I'm a woodworker and toy builder in my spare time.

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Where to find me

Every March, I attend Clockwork Alchemy, a fan-run Steampunk convention in the San Francisco Bay Area.

For more about this wonderful, inventive, outrageously enjoyable event, please visit the Clockwork Alchemy website.

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