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11 July 2018

The Amazon Kindle Worlds project has been running for five years, but the company has decided to shut it down, effective this month, July 2018. This leaves two of my novels in a limbo of sorts, but I'm in conversations with a publisher to get them back into print, including actual print for those of you who prefer the feel of a page.

Emergence and Penance will remain available on Amazon though 16 July 2018, and I'm hopeful to have them released through another publisher by this September/October, with a third novel in the series to round it all out.

Thanks to all of you readers who've helped make the Redemption Series into my best so far. Here's hoping we can keep it going with the finale. Working title: Resurgence.

4 April 2018

I'm in the process of revising my first two novels to remove instances of words I have no business using in my fiction. In the interim, I've taken down the original editions.

To quote Wil Wheaton, "as a cis-gendered white man living in America, I know I'm living life on the lowest difficulty setting." I don't have the Celebrity cheat enabled like he does, but I do have a public presence, and I have used the tools available to independent publishers to put my words and ideas into the marketplace. If I'm going to continue to do so, then the least I can do is be respectful of communities who have suffered oppression by word and deed. 

Many thanks to readers of my post-apocalyptic novels set in Nicholas Sansbury Smith's Extinction Cycle universe. With your help, we raised a little money for the organizations below. This is an ongoing effort on my part; every year I'll report a tally of what was given. And the recipients won't change, so if you support their work, please consider a donation of your own using the links below. Or just spread the word about what they do. Every little bit helps.

Once again, my thanks to you for reading and for helping me in my new mission as a veteran author supporting first responders and my fellow vets.

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In October of 2011, my career in holding down office furniture came to an end with the sweep of a budgetary axe. Now I edit, write, and review fiction and non-fiction. I am much happier. The cats tolerate me being at home more often. I work with amazing, awe-inspiring, and creative people.

I'm a woodworker and toy builder in my spare time.

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