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After the harrowing trials of Emergence, Jed Welch finds himself alone in the ruins of New York City. Having abandoned Meg Pratt and believing her dead, Jed is left with nothing and no one but the Variant hordes to keep him company.

Or is he alone . . .

Jed will team up with USMC Staff Sergeant Alexandra Gallegos and the two surviving members of her platoon, PFC Reeve and Private Mahton.

Together, they will bring the full weight of their Marine Corps training, and mission-driven sense of vengeance, to bear upon the real monsters: human collaborators who aid the Variants at the expense of their fellow human beings.

For SSGT Gallegos, theirs is a mission borne of duty and command. For Jed, it becomes an act of penance, in hopes he may atone for leaving Meg behind.

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20% of my royalties from Penance will be donated to relevant organizations assisting veterans and their families.

If the truth is the first casualty of war, who do you turn to for answers when the bullets start flying and the bombs begin to drop.

My first novel is a tale of noir urban fantasy, set in an alternate history 1929 Chicago. It's a grim tale of duplicity and mass manipulation, and some of America's ugliest history ends up on the page.

The emphasis is on the noir and urban, with the fantasy playing a bit of second fiddle. If you like it grim with a touch of young men's adventure, you'll enjoy Gods of Chicago.
How do you know when you've found the place where you belong, and how far will you go to protect what feels like home when all the signs are pointing you somewhere else?

My follow up novel picks up where the first drops out of the sky in a plummet. Gods of New Orleans sees the cast and crew of the Airship Vigilance making for new digs, and fast.

The story and struggles are just as grim as before, but the stakes get higher when they get more personal. It's about preserving your heart and soul this time, even at the expense of the ones you thought you loved.