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Fresh from the dark alleys, speakeasies, run-down piers and promenades, the Neo-Noir Storybundle is alive and kicking. And like all things noir, you know it won't stay that way forever.

If you're unfamiliar with Story Bundle, it's a pay-what-you-want deal, where you get to determine how much of your coin goes to the author and how much to keep Story Bundle running. You can also kick in for a charity if you'd like.

Here's the good part (okay, the extra good part), if you top $15, you get all ten of these books.

The Neo-Noir Story Bundle runs through December 14th. What happens after that is anybody's guess, but it'll probably involve recuperation with a glass of scotch and a double-check under the bed to make sure all the monsters have gone home for the evening.

Get the skinny on all these great stories here.

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In October of 2011, my career in holding down office furniture came to an end with the sweep of a budgetary axe. Now I edit, write, and review fiction and non-fiction. I am much happier. The cats tolerate me being at home more often. I work with amazing, awe-inspiring, and creative people.

I'm a woodworker and toy builder in my spare time.

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